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Gunner delivers strategic legal advice, unyielding advocacy,

and high-impact results in litigation.  Our practice areas

include business litigation, employment law, and contract matters.

Founding Attorney Jessica Miller

Practice Areas

Founding Attorney Jessica Miller

Meet Founding Attorney Jessica Miller, Esq.

With a wealth of legal expertise and a distinguished career spanning various high-impact roles, Ms. Miller is a seasoned legal professional specializing in business litigation, employment law, and corporate governance. Ms. Miller has a passion for delivering strategic legal solutions. Clients value her legal proficiency, as well as her attention to the pressure litigation imposes on your finances, business reputation, and personal integrity.

Ms. Miller has resolved thousands of legal disputes and earned millions of dollars in settlement proceeds for clients.  She has represented clients in state court, federal court, and even the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Whether navigating complex litigation, negotiating intricate contracts, or tackling multifaceted regulatory challenges, Ms. Miller brings a depth of experience that guarantees expected outcomes.

Ms. Miller's practice is founded on years of independent practice at litigation firms and key leadership positions in prominent organizations. With an impressive track record of delivering effective legal counsel, she has developed a reputation for exercising excellent judgment in high-stakes decision-making.  

"Great knowledge, great to work with, great result!"

Tim, AZ

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